St. Sya History

St. Sya Academy is committed to the education of students of African descent.  We make every effort to instill self-knowledge and a sense of purpose.  We teach skills and encourage academic excellence.  We develop character and promote respect for elders, family, and community. Please support African Centered Education!

We have provided this Powerpoint Presentation and ask that you give your support to our institution.  Support African Centered Education!


Summer Camp 2017

summer camp 2017The theme for this year’s summer camp is “What is everyday science?”.  We want to focus on the connections of daily life activities as expressions of scientific engagement. We breathe, we eat, we move and dance, we learn, we digest, and we create.  Each of these activities is a type of science.

Students will examine how science does not only happen in the laboratory but in everyday activities.  We will examine the ingenuity of different cultures as they developed techniques for improving their living conditions.

We will explore these concepts through reading, math, art, and physical education.  Our program is designed for fun engagement and educational development of all ages.



The Beetle: A Capoeira Story

St. Sya Academy ‘s annual Theatrical Production for this year is The Beetle:  A Capoeira Story from Brazil.  Our performance will be presented at Hayti Heritage Center on Thursday, June 1st.  Mark your calendars.

Mama Noni