Parent Handbook

Founder: Sylvia “Mama Oni” Davis, established school in 1996- Bachelor of Arts in Education, UNC Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Shaw University   Retired after 25 years of teaching in Chapel Hill and Durham Public Schools, 1995.

Founder: The late William E. Davis, Sr., co-founder of St. Sya Academy in 1996.  Retired X-Ray Technician, Memorial Hospital – UNC Chapel Hill.

Daphne “Mama Noni” Davis, Founder/Director/Chief Administrator since 1996. Instructor- African American Literature/Science/Theater Arts/ Art-
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, UNC- Chapel Hill
Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, Capella University
Ph.D. Candidate in K-12 Education, Capella University

Arielle E. Smith- 2012-present
Bachelor of Arts, Bennett College
Instructor/Alumni- Language Arts/English, Foreign Language, Social Studies

Baba Abel Wondafrash-2015-Present  Bachelor of Science, NCCU       Instructor-Computer Tech, Mathematics, Yoga

Baba Zayd Shakur – Since 2016-Present    NCCU Alumni, Theater Arts Instructor

Baba Teli Shabu- Since 2007 – Present   Master Drummer, Instructor

Baba Eric Kelly, III-2015 – PresentBachelor of Arts,  NCCU, Art Instructor

2 thoughts on “Parent Handbook

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are currently working on a powerpoint presentation which will include that information. Your comment affirmed the need to get this done.
      Thanks again,
      Daphne “Mama Noni” Davis, Ph.D. Candidate

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