OBI-Collective (PTA)

The OBI-Collective is derived of active Parents of St. Sya Academy who see the collective responsibility we hold to support our children’s learning environment.  We are creating a family village centered around an AfriKan education. We know that our children’s knowledge of a worldwide historical perspective will vastly equip them as future leaders of humanity.

We work together to think of innovative and galvanizing activities to highlight the gifts of St. Sya Academy. These activities can be used as funding initiatives to expand their current learning space. By sharing the story of St. Sya Academy the community will see the power in putting the youth first and eventually model this mode of learning for other learning centers across the state.

For more information on how you can support this vision contact us at

Current and/or Past Parents please make sure you submit your  Parent Survey so your voice can be calculated into the expansion statistics as well.

“A wise person will always find a way.” Tanzanian Proverb

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