Of the nearly 400 students that have attended St. Sya Academy, there are only two students that have not completed high school or a GED program.  Of the students who have graduated from high school, there are only four who have not pursued higher education in four year college or community college.

Students who attend St. Sya Academy for at least two years and choose to return to public school, generally test at least one year above their grade level.  Nearly 75 percent are promoted to the next grade and graduate at the ages of sixteen and seventeen.  Those students who remain in their grade are usually in Academically gifted or advanced placement classes.

Students who enter St. Sya Academy from the public school generally perform below our students, academically.  By the end of their first year of school, these students are effectively taught and their academic deficits are closed. In some situations, these students are able to return to public school at an advanced grade.

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