St. Sya Academy is an African Centered Academic experience which creates a nurturing environment for students of African descent, based out of Durham, North Carolina.  Our objective is to promote self knowledge and a purposeful life, intellectual stimulation and high academic achievement, as well as a commitment to social justice for the worldwide community of tomorrow.


The goals of St. Sya Academy are as follows:

  1. To provide an African Centered Educational Paradigm for those of African Descent.
  2. To provide a spiritually, nurturing environment that promotes knowledge of self and understanding of purpose among the students.
  3. To provide an academically challenging curriculum that promotes intellectual stimulation, relevancy, social justice, African world view, Economic freedom, and Worldwide African Unity.

Since 1996 St. Sya has been busy expressing its mission supported by private community funding. After 24 years of service St. Sya is now prime for expansion. This shift is to meet the growing  educational needs of the community and to have more classroom space for experiments and creative learning.

By improving technological and scientific knowledge that promotes protecting the Earth and natural resources, we will raise a nation of leaders equip to create a healthy and wealthy Planet.

At St. Sya parent participation is key and this year the OBI-Parent Collective will be at the forefront of the St. Sya Expansion Movement. If you are a future St. Sya Academy Parent and/or have an interest in supporting this movement contact us at  StSyaAcademy@gmail.com.

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