2 thoughts on “Jonkanuu Stagville Plantation, Durham, NC December 8, 2018

  1. Jonkanuu is a celebration that enslaved Africans practiced on plantations in the south and in the Caribbean following the harvest in December. This celebration heralds from West African traditions including the Yoruba, the Akan, the Mende, and others. On the continent, our ancestors celebrated the end of the harvest with masquerades, parades, singing, drumming, and dancing,

    According to Jonkanuu is the legend of an Akan warrior chief who led a resistance against European enslavers on the continent during the 1700’s. As Africans were forcefully transported to the Americas and the islands, they carried their stories and traditions with them. This included songs, languages, food, dances, and spiritual practices.

    For St. Sya Academy, this was an opportunity to participate in an Historical Re-enactment of our ancestral legacy of Jonkanuu. Our students performed African and African American historical songs and dances at Stagville. Students also learned how to make the Gumbe drums and the history of the famous Akan warrior chief, Jon Kano (Jonkanuu)! It was a huge success.
    Dr. Noni Davis

  2. Greetings Everyone,
    St. Sya Academy has transitioned from a traditional calendar to a year-round calendar. We are excited to announce that we are also extending our service to include three-week intersessions. We are also expanding our afterschool to the community. We are including our school calendar, intersessions, and after school information in this posting.
    We thank you for your support.
    Dr. Noni Davis

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